Filing Homestead Exemption Is Near

Filing Homestead Exemption Is Near

The beginning of a new year reminds us that the tax season is soon approaching. As a first time homebuyer or if you recently purchased a new property, you have a tremendous tax advantage and may be eligible for what is known as Homestead Exemption. The term homestead exemption can refer to exemptions from property tax that homeowners can claim. It can also refer to homestead protection, which protects a person’s primary residence in the case of financial hardship, such as the death of a spouse.

Homestead Exemption laws are not the same in all states. Some states provide automatic protection under the law, while other states require the filing of a claim for Homestead Exemption. In Georgia, it is required that you file a claim for Homestead Exemption. An important note is that your registration of all vehicles and filing of your Georgia and Federal State income taxes must reflect your primary residence address. A claim for Homestead Exemption may not be made on any rental or vacant property, or more than one property. Interestingly enough, as a homeowner, you may lose your right to Homestead Exemption if you abandon the property or if you should occupy a different primary residence than the one previously claimed.

If you have occupied your new residence on January 1st, you will need to file in person, online or by mail at the County Courthouse or Tax Commissioners Office. The amounts of exemption will vary for each county and filing procedures may be different. Typically, filing applications in Georgia is January 2 through March 31.

To make it simple for those filing for the first time, here are the Tax Commissioners Offices for filing your claim:

CHEROKEE COUNTY – 678-493-6120

CLAYTON COUNTY – 770-477-3311

COBB COUNTY – 770-528-8600

DEKALB COUNTY – 404-298-4000

DOUGLAS COUNTY – 770-920-7272

FAYETTE COUNTY – 770-461-3652

FORSYTH COUNTY – 770-781-2106

FULTON COUNTY – 404-612-6440

GWINNETT COUNTY – 770-822-8800

HENRY COUNTY – 770-288-8180

PAULDING COUNTY – 770-443-7606

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