What Homebuyers Are Really Looking For

What Homebuyers Are Really Looking For

Today’s homebuyers are searching for their perfect “dream” home. Here are the most desirable features that will attract the future homeowner. These “wants” will also help sellers who want to make best marketable improvements on their property.

Wireless Home Security – According to the NAHB, this is a feature that most tech-savvy buyers are wanting in their home. Security for a family is a top priority. Having the ability to control security by a smartphone or tablet is key. A wireless system is less costly than a hard-wired system and doesn’t require a professional to install.

Costs to install: $100-$300
50% of homebuyers desire this feature

Exterior Lighting – First impressions are lasting ones. This is surely attractive to a potential homebuyer before setting foot in the door. It is the most wanted outdoor feature with minimal costs to improve. Curb appeal is important and having exterior lighting will accent and grab their attention.

Costs: $150-$300 per fixture
90% of homebuyers desire this feature

Energy-Star Qualified Windows
– Homebuyers are always looking for energy efficiency and this is a good solution to help reduce energy costs.

Costs: $270-$850 to install per window
89% of homebuyers desire this feature

Garage Storage Space – For those with a garage, there is always the need for extra storage. Easy accessibility to the home’s front door makes it a bonus to have shelving, cabinetry and places to store tools, toys or sports equipment. Having the organization will ease in locating your items. Those without a garage, may consider constructing a storage shed that conforms to home plan style, color and features.

Costs: $2000-$3000 per 350 square foot space
86% of homebuyers desire this feature

Eat-in Kitchens – Kitchens are a gathering place for breakfast in the morning and dinner at night. Families with children appreciate time around the table before school or off to work. An existing kitchen could have walls extended, added cabinetry and counter space, a breakfast bar, or a bay window to make the kitchen more desirable. Always consult a licensed professional to be sure guidelines are followed and possible improvements may be made.

Costs: $1400+ install
85% of homebuyers desire this feature

Walk-in Pantry – Walk-in pantries are always a necessity for families needing extra storage. A shelving system that keeps food and supplies organized is an added bonus to the homebuyer. Adjustable shelving will give flexibility in storage and takes away counter clutter. Having extra space to store small appliances and countertop items gives the kitchen an open feeling and less cluttered. Easy access to mops, brooms and cleaning supplies is helpful to store in a pantry.

Costs: This will vary. Consider adding cabinetry or a rolling cart that can be moved
85% of homebuyers desire this feature

Separate Laundry Room – over 55% of homebuyers are saying they would not buy a home without a separate laundry room! Space for washer and dryer, folding laundry, ironing, and keeping laundry separate from living space in the home are huge benefits. Renovation may include additional plumbing and electrical wiring, countertops, cabinetry and flooring will be based on available space and budget.

Costs: Variable
93% of homebuyers desire this feature

With the ever-changing economy and fast-paced lifestyle today, homebuyers are wanting their dream home to be more efficient, stylish and storage rich. Above all, a professional should always be the top priority in making improvements, whether as a new homebuyer or as a homeowner. Call me today to find the most professional and experienced contractor in your area and learn ways to increase your asking price when selling your home.

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